McIntosh Dental are now Southern Cross Affiliated Providers. Here is our listing on the affiliated providers website.

Southern Cross Affiliated Providers – What does this mean?

For Southern Cross members, from 2015 oral surgery can only be carried out by oral surgeons who are affiliated providers. We can now process pre-approvals and claims on your behalf for Oral Surgery. This could be treatments such as having your wisdom teeth removed under sedation.

The response time for pre-approving your surgery is generally within 24 hours. However we also have the option to get an urgent response which takes a maximum of two hours if required.

If you have a Southern Cross policy, then get in touch with us. We’ll make sure your claim experience is handled as professionally as your surgery will be. To see if your policy includes oral surgery, check out this site:¬†

Southern Cross Affiliated Providers for Oral Surgery

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