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A West Auckland dental clinic is asking its patients to open wide for a good cause.

Fees from appointments booked at McIntosh Dental on Lincoln Rd on October 17 will go towards the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation research programme.

More than 20 dental practices have signed up to Dentists with a Cause, donating all their fees for the day to the charity.

McIntosh’s dental surgeon Alex McIntosh says two staff members at the practice have had breast cancer.

One of those was his mother, Mary McIntosh, who had a partial mastectomy 17 years ago. It was found through a regular mammogram check.

She still works at the clinic.

“At the time it was stressful and worrying for our family. We’ve offered support to our other staff member while she was going through treatment for two years,” Dr Alex McIntosh says.

It’s the second time the dental clinic has taken part in Dentist with a Cause.

Last year, they raised $4000 from the day. The clinics taking part hope to raise $50,000 together.

Mary McIntosh will also be hosting a fundraiser with friends at home.

Dr Gerard Skinner and his team at North Shore Dental founded the charity event in 2010 after a colleague and mother of three Leigh Paul died of breast cancer at 29 years old.

“When someone you know gets breast cancer you do what you can to help them.

“Then you realise there’s a much bigger story, that thousands of women are diagnosed with this disease and hundreds are dying every year,” Skinner says.

Book in for a check-up, a clean or any other single-visit procedures at McIntosh Dental on October 17.

Go to to find a participating clinic.

Check your breasts

Around half of all breast cancers are found because women noticed a change and show their doctor.

Check both breasts by feeling for any lumps or thickening of the skin, even up to the armpits.

Look in front of a mirror to see if there are any physical changes to the breast shape, skin or nipples.

Check any breast changes with a doctor, even if you’ve had a mammogram recently.

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