“Orthodontics” is the technical term used to describe braces and other forms of tooth alignment therapy for adults, teens, and children. Getting braces offers a variety of different benefits besides that of just having a straighter looking smile. At McIntosh Dental, we implement orthodontic therapy as appropriate, to enhance things like:

  • Better Oral Health – Straighter smiles are easier to care for and at a far less risk of developing problems like cavities and gum disease. Our general dentists have a special interest in how comprehensive orthodontics enhances the health of our patients’ teeth.
  • Skeletal and Orofacial Growth Problems – Early orthodontic screenings can help your child avoid significant development or growth concerns related to their jaw and bite formation. Rather than extract teeth later, interceptive treatments guide the smile’s development toward the right direction at an earlier stage.
  • Functional Concerns – Your unhealthy biting relationship can lead to problems like TMJ disorder, headaches/migraines, and worn-down teeth. Braces and functional appliances can help.
  • Confidence in Our Patients – An atypical smile can leave adults and teens feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about the way their teeth look. With orthodontics, we can address those concerns in a minimally invasive manner.

Types of Braces and Orthodontics That We Offer

At McIntosh Dental, we offer a variety of different orthodontic options for you to choose from, including clear Invisalign removable aligners, traditional braces, and ceramic orthodontics that blend in with your teeth. Self-litigating options can make the process more comfortable.

Types of braces at McIntosh Dental

Most patients complete their treatment between 9-18 months.

Since everything is offered right here in our Auckland family clinic, it’s easier for you or your teen to have all of their smile needs completed in one convenient location.

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