McIntosh Dental joins the Pink Star Walk


Every day, nine women in New Zealand are told they have Breast Cancer. The Pink Star Walk event held every year in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch raises funds to help these women, the women we have lost, and the researchers who are working hard to find a cure, or at least a treatment programme that works, to save the lives of these women. These women might be someone you know, someone dear to you, and in the case of McIntosh Dental, someone who is a bit of a legend.

This year our awesome team joined forces, donned as much pink and sparkles as the chosen theme of Hula Girls allowed, and headed into a chilly, rainy Auckland Saturday to raise funds for Breast Cancer. The walks significance has become even more poignant since the clinics eldest team member, Mary McIntosh, survived Breast Cancer. Mary, a key member of the Administration team, is an incredible 90 years young, and she’s still going strong despite her fight with the disease.

The Pink Star Walk is about celebrating survivors, remembering those we’ve lost, raising awareness, and raising much needed funds to work towards the foundation’s vision of zero deaths from breast cancer. Every cent raised goes toward researching new treatments, promoting awareness and education to save lives, and supporting New Zealanders with Breast Cancer.

Not only did we raise money for a very good cause, we had a whole lot of fun doing it and we will definitely be doing it again. To find out more information about the Pink Star Walk, visit their website. To find out more about the indomitable Mary McIntosh, visit our Team Page!

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