Yes, the silly season is nearly upon us, but there’s no need to get silly about taking care of your teeth. We all tend to go a little overboard on delicious treats over the Christmas and New Year period, plus there’s all the scrumptious berry and stone fruit tempting our tastebuds all summer long. The list of Christmas goodies is a long one, and the majority of traditional Kiwi summer holiday treats are jam-packed with sugar in all its naughty guises.

The classic box of Griffins Sampler biscuits, a staple in tents, caravans, and baches all over the country, is a veritable feast for the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Christmas pudding, pavlova, lashings of champagne, or bbqs and beers – summer holds us in an epicurean trance. However, this is the time to be mindful of what all this decadence is doing to your pearly whites.

Here’s our top five tips for taking care of your teeth over the years most indulgent season:

Teeth Tip 1:

Brush. Regularly. Even without toothpaste if you happen to be in a tent in the middle of nowhere. Regularly brushing your teeth in circular motions, sweeping hidden bits of leftovers out of hard to reach places and getting rid of any gastronomic overstayers, is the best way to avoid plaque build-up and tooth decay. Make sure you brush after particularly sweet or acidic meals and snacks and absolutely brush morning and night.

Teeth Tip 2:

Brushing and Flossing go together like Santa and Claus. Indeed, a thorough flossing before brushing is a great way to ensure the brushing is even more effective. Loosening any food caught between your teeth, then brushing it away, just makes sense.

Teeth Tip 3:

Drink plenty of water. This is also incredibly beneficial for the summer season when the sun is shining, and we spend more time outside. Water flushes our system but also keeps our mouths fresh and clean. It’s also a good idea to gargle fresh water and give your mouth a good clean by swirling and swishing water around your mouth and through your teeth then spitting this out to get rid of anything the water may have loosened.

Teeth Tip 4:

Choose crunch. Go for the summer fruit that is a little firmer. Crunching into fruit is better for your teeth than soft and sweet, so if you just can’t say no to that third apricot, make sure it’s a firm one.

Teeth Tip 5:

See your hygienist! Make a booking early in the New Year for a check-up and deep and gentle clean. This will make sure that no matter what extravagances you’ve subjected your teeth to over the Christmas/New Year period, we can get you back on track for the rest of summer! See below for our opening hours.

Of course, we want you to have an exceptional summer holiday and Christmas break, so have fun, be merry, and remember to follow our top five teeth tips – your teeth (and your dentist!) will thank you for it.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Christmas Opening Hours for McIntosh:

Closed Fri 21st Dec to Wed 26th Dec and Sat 29th to Wed 2nd Jan.

Open Dec 27/28 & Jan 3/4 with reduced staff. Reopen fully on Jan 7th.



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