Continuing Dental Care For 18+ Year Olds

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Dental savings plan for young adults, three young women smilingUnfortunately, dental care is not a priority for many young adults. Budgets can be especially tight when studying full-time or working for low starting wages, so finding money for dental appointments can be hard. Many young adults have a diet that’s high in sugary convenience food and drink which takes a toll on their teeth. And because they have received free dental care up until they turn 18 years’ old, there’s also a common assumption that their teeth are fine and will continue to stay in good shape as long as they brush them regularly.

In New Zealand our children and teenagers are lucky to receive free dental care until they turn 18 years old, but after that is where we see a huge decline in oral health. Many young adults believe that if nothing hurts in their mouth then everything is fine (as do many adults)! No pain = no problems. It’s not unusual for us to see young adults in their early 20’s who have not visited a Dentist since their last free check at 17 years’ old – finally prompted to make an appointment because of a pain or concern. At this stage they often require substantial treatment to treat problems which could all have been prevented with regular appointments. They may need multiple appointments, more invasive procedures and of course the costs are greater.

It’s even more heart breaking to see poor oral health when you have invested in orthodontics during their teens to give them beautifully straight smiles. All that investment in cost, attending regular appointments and putting up with brackets and wires for years can be cancelled out by very preventable tooth decay.

Smilesaver Dental Savings Plan For Young Adults

Smilesaver is McIntosh Dental’s dental savings plan. We find that Smilesaver is a popular option for parents of young adults. Parents (or even grandparents) can use Smilesaver to ensure their older children continue to see the Dentist regularly once they turn 18 years’ old and keep their teeth in great shape. You can set up small weekly payments from just $9 per week and forget about it. We’ll contact your child when it’s time for their six-monthly or annual check-up, and you can have peace of mind that their oral health is in good hands.

Contact us to find out more about our Smilesaver dental savings plan for young adults, and together we can keep your child’s teeth in great health.

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