Reasons to see your dentist, young man smiling

Have you had your teeth checked recently? Here are our top 5 reasons to see your dentist today.

1. You can’t remember when you last visited the dentist.

When you think about it, it has definitely been a while since your last dental appointment – in fact, it’s probably been years. You may feel like nothing’s wrong and you could be totally right. After all, you’re good at brushing your teeth regularly and nothing in your mouth hurts. But did you know that dental decay doesn’t hurt? That’s why we’re the experts and of course x-rays are so important to see if anything is lurking beneath the surface. If you haven’t visited us for a while make an appointment now so we can make sure there is nothing going on in your mouth to worry about.

2. Your teeth or gums hurt, bleed, are sensitive or there is a bad odour in your mouth.

Never ignore these symptoms! They are all signs that something is wrong. And the longer you leave it before seeing your dentist, the worse the damage could be. Do your smile a favour and have your teeth and gums professionally checked.

3. Your teeth look yellower than they used to.

Teeth tend to darken with age, and certain foods and drinks like tea, coffee, cola, red wine and curries stain your teeth over time. The good news is that regular visits to the Dental Hygienist can brighten up your smile. They give your mouth a professional clean at each visit, leaving your teeth brighter and smoother by lifting surface stains. And if your teeth need a more in-depth whitening treatment, you can choose from our professional in-clinic power whitening treatment or take-home whitening kits that effectively remove deeper staining for a beautiful bright smile.

4. You’ve wondered if cosmetic dentistry could change your smile.

Is there something you don’t like about your smile and you’ve wondered if cosmetic dentistry could solve that? Your dentist can show you all the possibilities – and there are so many amazing options available – and benefits of having a beautiful, straight smile. Instead of wondering about it, find out exactly what can be achieved within your budget. Even small cosmetic dental treatments can make a dramatic improvement. And with our iTero digital scanner, you can actually see a simulation of what your new smile will look like at the end of treatment! It is incredible technology that gives you the best incentive to take that step.

5. You’re missing a tooth.

If you’ve had a tooth removed because it was decayed, broken or due to an accident, now is the time to have it replaced with a dental implant. An implant tooth looks better, functions better and can prevent further tooth loss. It helps to preserve your jawbone and facial profile, and it looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

So those are our top 5 reasons to see your dentist today. Don’t put it off any longer – put your smile in our hands.

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