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Welcome To Melinda Judson

By May 20, 2021 No Comments

We are excited to welcome Dental Assistant and Dental Technician Melinda Judson to the McIntosh Dental team. Having worked in the dental profession for almost 20 years, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that we know our patients will love!

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Melinda moved to New Zealand four years ago. She believes that dentistry is one of the most rewarding careers, particularly in the field of orthodontics where the results she and her team achieve last a lifetime. She says it’s such a pleasure to see the smiles on people’s faces knowing that you have made a real difference.

Melinda has a real passion for travel, including travelling to Nepal twice to go trekking and getting engaged in Bali! With lots of family in Australia she hopes that travel will become a normal option again one day soon.

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