The McIntosh Dental Smile Makeover Competition is one prize of value up to NZD$5,000 to be used only towards cosmetic dental treatment at McIntosh Dental.

The $5,000 prize is not transferable to any other individual, it is not redeemable for cash, unused portions of the prize may not be transformed into cash, and it may only be used for cosmetic dental treatment at McIntosh Dental.

The prize is valid for 12 months after the date of the award and the cosmetic dental treatment must be completed within this time frame. If the treatment has not been completed within 12 months, McIntosh Dental reserves the right to charge private fees for the remainder of the treatment.

The winner will be awarded a prize up to the value of NZD$5,000 to be used towards cosmetic dental procedures at McIntosh Dental, as recommended by McIntosh Dental, with the full cooperation and informed consent of the patient. McIntosh Dental’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

You must 18 years’ of age or over to be eligible for the competition.

For applicants who do not reside in Auckland, no allowance will be made for travel expenses to Auckland. All travel costs to Auckland will be incurred solely at the applicant’s expense. As the treatment prize could involve several appointments over several weeks, applicants from outside of Auckland are encouraged to consider the logistics and associated costs they will incur personally before applying.

All nominations must be submitted via the online nomination form on the McIntosh Dental website. Incomplete nomination forms will not be accepted, and McIntosh Dental reserves the right to contact the person nominating to clarify details in the form.

Finalist and Winner Obligations

The top 3 competition finalists consent to having their photo taken and used, together with their first names, on the McIntosh Dental website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and in the McIntosh Dental newsletter.

The competition winner consents to allowing their photos, full names and a brief bio to be used on the McIntosh Dental website, blog, newsletter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Photos will consist of before, during and post treatment images to illustrate the smile makeover process. The information in the winner’s bio will be subject to their approval.