Dr Nitesh Gangadin

Dental Surgeon


DipClinDent Perio (Otago)
DipClinDent (Western Cape)

As a teenager, Nitesh underwent orthodontics, which showed him how a change in function and aesthetics can help an individual. He also had some pretty uncomfortable past dental experiences – dental needles used to freak him out.

In choosing dentistry as a profession, Dr Gangadin always looks forward to building valued relationships with his patients. Being in the dental chair might not be the happiest place for everyone. Nitesh feels proudest when his patients express their gratitude from having a pleasant and comfortable experience with him.

After graduating as a dentist, Dr Gangadin continued to evolve professionally. He has completed two postgraduate studies in both South Africa (University of Western Cape) and New Zealand ( University of Otago). In 2005 he completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry and in 2014 he completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Periodontics. His current special interest is “gums”. Gum disease is still prevalent in New Zealand and affects all ages.

Nitesh is furthering his experience in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry after joining the team at McIntosh Dental in 2010.

Dining out and sampling Auckland’s different restaurants’ is a weekly passion. Building solid and positive friendships around him is important to Nitesh. On a fun side, he will never miss a horror movie or a night in playing PlayStation games.

Nitesh has delved into academics and enjoys his role lecturing to AUT Oral Health students on a part-time basis. He has enjoyed building great working relationships with the McIntosh and AUT teams. Being South African born, Nitesh is happy to have been adopted as a Kiwi and is looking forward to doing more things as a proud New Zealander.

Dr Gangadin’s professional associations include:

  • Member New Zealand Dental Association
  • New Zealand Society for Anaesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry
  • New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr G’s Expertise