Why our clients are smiling…


Don’t take our word for it – listen to the words of our happy clients.

“My son was 11 years old and we started to notice a lot of crowding with his top and bottom teeth.  The older he was getting the worse it looked.  I did some research online which Orthodontist I should take him to.  Dr. Raniga at  McIntosh Dental was the person I choose. It was a very difficult decision to make because of the severity of the problem, and I just didn’t want to go to anyone.

I called their office and had a ton of questions for them.  The receptionist was very knowledgeable and polite, and put my mind at ease a bit about taking my son to see Dr. Raniga.

We scheduled an appointment and my son was very nervous. Upon arriving at the reception area and the people working there looked professional and were extremely polite and understanding of our situation.

When we met Dr. Raniga and his team, again very professional and polite to us. Also, they were very reassuring to my son.  They listened to my son’s concerns and helped put his mind at ease.

After the evaluation, Dr. Raniga noticed the crowding with his teeth, and he also noticed that his jaw wasn’t lining up properly.  That made sense because my son was complaining that it was hard to eat certain foods that took a lot of chewing.

Dr. Raniga told us he was going to review my son’s x-rays and then give us a few options to choose from to correct the problem with his teeth.  I don’t remember exactly the time frame but it was between 1-2 weeks.  After that time Dr. Raniga gave us two options and didn’t push us into either one of them. He let us make the decision.  We had a chat and decided on the best treatment for the best outcome for his teeth.  It was going to be about 1 1/2 year to 2-year plan to straighten his teeth and align his jaw.

I was worried about the expense of this process because it was going to cost $ 9,500, but I realise how important it was to correct this problem on many different levels.  Dr. Raniga’s team came back with payment options, and the best option for us was to make interest free payments once a month for two years.  I was very grateful for this because it made it easier for us to afford this treatment.  There was no third party lending agency involved.  The $9,500 dollars covered everything from start to finish.

All the appointments had the same professionalism and understanding that we wanted to help us with this process of the two year treatment period. Over those two years, I noticed Dr. Raniga was a perfectionist when it came to the outcome for his work. He wanted it to be perfect and they did everything they could to make that happen.

After the long two years of my son having braces, the results were amazing!!!  His teeth are perfect, and his jaw is straight so he doesn’t have any jaw pain or have any problems chewing hard foods.  When I look back at his school photos before braces and then the after photos all I can think about is WOW.  The expense and the two years of having braces was totally worth it and my son agrees.  He has more confidence and noticed the difference.  My son said it was very hard but worth it in the end.

I will be taking my 9-year-old son to Dr. Raniga to review his teeth in the coming months, and I would highly recommend Dr. Raniga and his team at McIntosh Dental for any Dental work.”

– Mark


“Hi Erin, just wanted to share my experiences with my new teeth, wow I’m eating nuts an apple a day, steak, and becoming a chewing gum freak as I was too scared before to chew chewing gum. I’m also having compliments about how amazing they look 👀…I guess the biggest compliment I can give about my teeth is I forget I have them which means I am no longer embarrassed or always covering them up I can carry on with my life not sself-consciousabout them….you have all been fantastic you have such beautiful energy…this was a big unknown for me and you all made my journey so easy….thank you so much”

– Judy


“I’m one of those patients that requires extra attention due to the fact that I’m terrified of needles, drills and any other instruments a dentist can throw. The team at McIntosh take their time to carefully explain the procedure and are always checking to see if I’m alright. High-class equipment, high-class dentists, highly recommended!!”

– Ashish


“For years I was too scared to go to the dentists until I cracked a filling. I needed a caring and competent dentist, enter Dr Gangadin (aka Dr G). Dr G is brilliant and has restored my confidence. His friendly and approachable nature have given me back my smile.
All procedures are clearly explained and options are also put forward so as a patient I feel in control. Pain is not an issue as there is a sensible and professional pain control in operation. In fact (apart from the tools in my mouth) it is hard to feel what is being done!!
All work on my teeth has been done to the highest possible standard and I have so much faith in Dr G that I am prepared to travel down from Kaitaia to west Auckland in order to keep my teeth in good order.
If you are a nervous patient then go to Dr G at McIntosh Dental where you will be looked after.”

– Joanne


“I had a root canal done last night….was absolutely petrified due to a really bad experience somewhere else…but oh my gosh, Dr G and Storme were so great. Its the morning after and my pain factor is a 1 or at most a 2. I was expecting it to be so much worse. They took such great care of me, and knew I had a big fear and made me feel so much better and comfortable. I highly recommend them. I cant believe I am actually saying I am looking forward to my next Dentist Appointment. Also have to say that the receptionist was so warm and friendly and greeted me by my name as soon as I walked in..considering I had only been there once before and there were plenty of other people there, she made me feel very important.”

– CM


“Top Service the best staff and well great results, Thank you all.”

– Grahame


“Great service, great staff, and great results!!!”

– Alexandra

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