Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”)

Feeling anxious or scared of going to the dentist is extremely common. Whether you have sensitive teeth, hate the sound of dental drills or have suffered from a traumatic dental experience in the past, it can be too tempting to keep putting off those dental appointments.

Sleep dentistry provides an ideal solution for anxious and scared patients. McIntosh Dental offers three types of sedation: oral sedation, nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a controlled mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen administered through a mask placed over your nose. It allows you to feel calm and relaxed in the dentist’s chair, so you can have dental procedures completed without anxiety or fear. Although you will remain conscious, the laughing gas helps you to relax while undergoing treatment – effectively managing nervousness and anxiety even in patients who have suffered dental trauma in the past.

Nitrous oxide is a great option for people who are scared of needles. It is administered in conjunction with local anaesthetic for pain relief so you can be completely comfortable during the entire procedure.

As with all of our sedation options, our dentists are highly trained and experienced in nitrous oxide sedation for nervous patients. We provide continual monitoring to ensure you are given just the right amount of gas to stay safe and comfortable throughout your appointment.

Because it is given through a mask, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly, but you will still need a responsible adult to take you home after your appointment.

Nitrous oxide is a safe form of sedation for having dental procedures completed without fear or anxiety. Now you can look forward to painless and stress-free dentistry.

Contact us today to find out if nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is an option for managing your dental treatments. 

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