Oral Sedation

If you are scared of going to the dentist, sleep dentistry may be the answer for you. Here at McIntosh Dental we offer three types of sedation: oral sedation, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and IV sedation.

Oral sedation is an ideal option for those of us who are scared of needles. It provides all of the benefits of sleep dentistry, allowing you to have dental procedures performed without anxiety or pain. It involves administering oral sedatives in tablet or liquid form, which will allow you to be in a relaxed sleep-like state so you will feel and remember very little. Generally you will need to come in one hour before your schedule appointment to allow the oral sedatives to fully take effect.

Oral sedatives are used in conjunction with local anaesthetic for pain relief, given separately to make you as comfortable as possible in the dentist’s chair.

The effects of oral sedation usually last between two and six hours, therefore you will require someone to drive you home after your appointment.

Oral sedation is a safe way to have dental procedures completed without fear or anxiety. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in sleep dentistry, so you can have complete confidence in us and look forward to painless and stress-free dentistry.

Contact us today to find out if sleep dentistry and oral sedation is an option for you.

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