Implant Bridges

There are many reasons why you may be missing a tooth, or several teeth. Trauma or injury is a really common cause, as well as having poor oral health over a long period of time which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Replacing a lost tooth or teeth is important. Not only do gaps spoil the aesthetics of your smile, they can cause bite and alignment issues as surrounding teeth gradually move or rotate into the gap. This can affect your ability to chew properly and speak clearly. Missing teeth also tend to make it easier for plaque to build up in places which are difficult to reach with your toothbrush, which can result in gum disease and ultimately the loss of more teeth – a vicious cycle!

A dental bridge is a device used to “bridge” the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Implant bridges work in the same way as regular dental bridges, but instead are supported by implants into the jaw rather than being attached to the surrounding remaining teeth. The crowns (the visible part of the tooth) are connected to each other to form one bridge piece held in place by the implants.

Advantages of Implant Bridges

  • Prevents misalignment of the remaining teeth by closing the gap, preserving the bite and shape of the mouth
  • Restores the smile and overall aesthetics
  • Helps to reduce the susceptibility of gum disease in hard-to-reach places
  • Unlike regular dental bridges, implant bridges do not rely on the support of neighbouring teeth and therefore do not place any strain on them.
  • Effective option for replacing more than one missing tooth
  • Because they are implanted into your jaw, implant bridges and implant crowns are extremely stable and function just like regular teeth.

Your Dental Implant Experts

Dr Alex McIntosh is the head of the dental implant team at McIntosh Dental. For 35 years he has honed his advanced knowledge and skills in dental implant surgery and prosthetics. He uses leading technology and materials to deliver superior long-term results that his patients love. He is proud to help his patients regain their confidence and embrace their lifestyle without restrictions.

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Implant-Supported Bridge Using Traditional Dental Impressions
Implant-Supported Bridge Using 3D Technology