Dr Alex McIntosh – Dental Implant Surgeon BSc, BDS (Otago)

Find out about dental implants at our relaxed and friendly info nights at McIntosh Dental.

Dental implants have changed the lives of hundreds of our patients (and millions worldwide) and now they can help you too.

This info night is for people:

  • who have missing teeth,
  • who hide their smile, or are embarrassed by their teeth
  • who find eating difficult because of missing teeth
  • or for people who wear a denture and want to find a permanent solution to loose or hopeless dentures that don’t chew properly

The good news is that dental implants solve all these problems. We’ve been using dental implants to replace missing teeth and change our patients’ lives for the last 30 years.

Stay tuned for our next New Teeth on 4 complimentary consultation evening.

Attendees on the evening will receive a voucher valued at $220 for a complimentary implant consultation and x-ray. This will assist with the diagnosis of your condition and give you an idea of the type of treatment involved.

Space is limited and registration is essential. Register below or phone 09 837 2598 to reserve your seat.

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New Teeth Info Night (Dental Implants) at McIntosh Dental Centre