What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry describes a procedure where dental treatment is performed while the patient is sedated. It is called sleep dentistry because the sedative used causes patients to sleep throughout the procedure.

Sleep dentistry is the most comfortable and relaxing way to have dental treatment done. Patients sleep (are sedated) throughout the procedure and so cannot feel the treatment taking place. There is also an amnesia effect with the sedation so there is usually no memory of having the procedure done afterwards. It is like getting on a long-haul flight, falling asleep and waking up refreshed at your destination – with no memory of the flight in-between.

Sleep dentistry is the most relaxing way to have dental treatment

How does Sleep Dentistry Work?

When a patient chooses sleep dentistry for their dental procedure, we usually schedule as much treatment as possible in a single appointment. Before treatment begins, we insert an IV drip and administer a sedative which causes the patient to fully relax and fall asleep. While sedated, the patient feels no pain and is not aware of the dental treatment taking place. The sedative used is called Freesofol (more info here) and is safely used all over the world in hospitals and dental clinics.


How common is Sleep Dentistry?

Dental treatment carried out under IV sedation is becoming very popular at McIntosh Dental. We are now treating several patients per week using this technique.


How can I find out more?

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