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Free Teen Dental Appointments: What Should They Include?

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McIntosh Dental is proud to be a provider of free general dental care for eligible teenagers from Year 9 through to their 18th birthday. When you’re choosing which dental clinic…

The Downside To Using A Daily Mouthwash

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The mouthwash industry is a large and growing market both here in New Zealand and worldwide. In supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores, discount retailers - not to mention dental clinics -…
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Do You Really Need To Floss?

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In recent years, a report in the US caused a stir by concluding that flossing your teeth didn’t actually provide proven health benefits. Based on a review of 25 studies,…
Danielle Edwards

McIntosh Dental Staff News: December 2019

| The McIntosh Team | 2 Comments
We have welcomed on board Danielle Edwards as our new Patient Care Coordinator. Dani been working as a Dental Receptionist since she was 17 years’ old, and she knows exactly…

The McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship Winners 2019

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We are excited to announce the winners of the McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarships for 2019! Once again we received a very large number of entries, and it was extremely hard…

Thank You From Dr Raniga

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2019 has been full of challenges, opportunities and rewards – in short it’s been an incredibly busy time! I have been very fortunate in being able to take opportunities to…

Merry Christmas From Dr McIntosh

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It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over – I’m sure that time keeps speeding up somehow! It’s been another busy year at McIntosh Dental. We are lucky to…

Tricks For Preventing Wine Stains On Teeth

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We can all be guilty of indulging in some festive cheer at this crazy time of year. Unfortunately our teeth can come off second best from our summertime wine sipping,…

Detecting Oral Cancer

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Regular dental check-ups are not just essential for preventing and treating dental issues – they also play a vital role in the detection of oral cancer. Approximately 250 New Zealanders…
Dental emergencies, chipped tooth

What To Do In Dental Emergencies

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We all know that life is full of surprises, and unfortunately accidents do happen. You may take great care of your teeth, but dental emergencies can affect anyone at any…
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Haven’t Been To The Dentist In A While?

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If you haven't been to the dentist in a while and are feeling somewhat guilty, you’re not alone! According to the 2017/18 statistical report by the Ministry of Health NZ,…

McIntosh Dental Staff News: October 2019

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We are excited to have welcomed on board Sarah Gluestein as a new Oral Health Therapist. After beginning her career as a Dental Assistant, Sarah progressed to working in dental…

Mary McIntosh – Still Working At 92 Years Old

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This month Mary McIntosh will be celebrating her 92nd birthday, and incredibly she is still working at McIntosh Dental every week! This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the dental…

Free Dental Services For Teens

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Let’s face it – teenagers have a lot going on! Puberty affects them mentally and physically in so many ways. But did you know that all of those extra hormones…

Do You Love Coffee? Your Teeth May Disagree

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In New Zealand, coffee is engrained into our culture. In 2017, we ranked 13th highest consumers of coffee in the world, beating the Aussies and the USA. We have more…
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Winter weather causing you tooth pain?

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Yes, it’s a thing. And you’re not alone! If you’re experiencing tooth pain as the cold weather sets in, it could be a sign that your teeth are sensitive, or…

Congratulations Dr Raniga!

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Over the past two years Dr Milan Raniga has been working towards his Diploma in Clinical Othodontics. This two-year post-graduate programmed delves into the theoretical and clinical training in orthodontics…

Why Electric Toothbrushes are Awesome!

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Great oral hygiene is not just essential for good oral health, it also has the ability to improve your overall well-being. Because it has been proven that electric toothbrushes help…
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What will you learn at our Parent Info Evenings?

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Our Parent Information Evenings are relaxed, informal events where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about braces. We want to make sure you have all the facts…

Farewell to Dr John Holmes

| Family Dentistry | 3 Comments
Our much loved Dr John Holmes retired from Dentistry and left McIntosh Dental incorporating Lincoln Dental at the end of 2018. We wish him all the very best for his…

Take care of your teeth over the silly season!

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Yes, the silly season is nearly upon us, but there’s no need to get silly about taking care of your teeth. We all tend to go a little overboard on…

Walking for the ones you love!

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McIntosh Dental joins the Pink Star Walk   Every day, nine women in New Zealand are told they have Breast Cancer. The Pink Star Walk event held every year in…

McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship 2018

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Congratulations!   Thank you for your patience everyone, but we are now able, and are excited to, announce the winners of the 2018 McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship. It has been…

Healthy Gums for Life

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Healthy Gums – Healthy YOU - And it starts from a young age! When someone flashes you a gorgeous smile with shiny, white teeth, you don’t immediately think to yourself,…