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reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry, woman with beautiful smile in dentist chair

Top 5 Reasons To Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

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Do you have a radiant smile that you love to share with the world? Unfortunately, it’s estimated that almost half of New Zealand adults answer ‘no’ to that question. But…

Botox FAQs

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Botox and dermal fillers are increasingly popular with people wanting to rejuvenate their appearance, and for treating facial muscle pain caused by clenching or grinding teeth. As experts in Botox…
Dr Jasmine Yeo

Introducing Dr Jasmine Yeo

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We are excited to introduce a new Dental Surgeon to the McIntosh Dental team: Dr Jasmine Yeo. Dr Yeo will be working alongside Dr Raniga in providing general dentistry and…
Dental sedation patient story

Dental Sedation: A Patient’s Story

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If you’ve ever wondered what dental sedation was like, read on! One of our patients shares their experience with IV sedation for their recent dental appointment with Dr Gangadin and…
Dental implants versus bridges, dental bridge

Dental Implants Versus Bridges

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Tooth loss is more common than many people think – in fact, it’s estimated that more than half of New Zealand adults aged 18 years and over have lost one…
how long does teeth whitening last

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

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Most of us would love to have a white, bright smile all of the time. But with lifestyle factors like coffee, tea and red wine being some of the biggest…
reasons why you should see your dentist every 6 months, dentist and patient

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should See Your Dentist Every 6 Months

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One of the most commonly believed myths about dental care is that having good brushing and flossing routines is enough to keep your teeth and gums in top shape. Sure,…
custom-made mouthguards, mouth guard for sports

Benefits Of Custom-Made Mouthguards For Sports

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Winter sports are just around the corner, and this year children, parents, adult players and coaches alike are all hoping for a full, uninterrupted sports season! Any players of contact…
dental check ups for primary students, happy smiling young girl

Dental Check Ups For Primary Students

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Are you concerned that your preschooler or primary-aged child hasn’t had a dental check-up for over a year? Unfortunately, Covid-19 has continued to disrupt and cause backlogs and delays to…

Questions To Ask Before Getting A Dental Implant

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Dental implants are an effective way to replace one or more missing teeth, or broken or decayed teeth that cannot be saved. The process involves implanting a post(s) into your…
Teeth sensitivity, sensitive teeth, drinking cold water

Tooth Sensitivity

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Sensitive teeth are a pretty common problem. As the protective enamel on your teeth wears down, sensitivity increases. It is usually characterised by a sharp, shooting pain that can be…
dental implants patients story: full mouth restoration

Dental Implants: A Patient’s Story

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We recently completed an extensive oral restoration on one of our patients. This included an upper new teeth bridge on six dental implants and full arch lower crowns. His transformation…
early intervention orthodontics, thumb sucking

Early Intervention Orthodontics

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As the name suggests, early intervention orthodontics involves taking corrective orthodontic action at a younger age than the early teenage years which are more commonly associated with orthodontics. The aim…
Risks of DIY dentistry, blue pliers

The Risks Of DIY Dentistry

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Covid-19 has impacted on our lives in so many ways. One of the many disruptions has been to dental appointments, with New Zealanders repeatedly delaying routine check-ups due to restrictive…
Cure bad breath, woman holding hands over her mouth

How To Cure Bad Breath

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Everyone has bad breath sometimes, like first thing in the morning or after eating garlic or onions. But, if you are concerned that your breath is less than fresh most…
DIY clear aligners

DIY Clear Aligners

| Invisalign, Orthodontics | 2 Comments
If you are interested in straightening your teeth but don’t like the idea of wearing braces then chances are clear aligners such as Invisalign are on your radar. You’ve probably…
oral health is at risk, tooth pain, tooth sensitivity

Top Ten Signs Your Oral Health Is At Risk

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Here are our top ten signs that your oral health is at risk and it's time to schedule an appointment. Hot or cold drinks cause a jolt of pain! Sensitivity…
is sleep dentistry safe, dental tray, dental instruments

Is Sleep Dentistry Safe?

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Using sedation in dentistry is a great way for nervous patients to stay calm and stress-free while having dental treatments completed. It is also very useful when several procedures are…
Stress affect oral health

How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

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2020 has thrown physical, financial and emotional challenges at us that no one could have seen coming. Many of us are feeling more stressed and exhausted than ever before and…

2019 Orthodontic Scholarship Winner Quane Hailes

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Quane Hailes from Liston College was one of our lucky Orthodontic Scholarship winners in 2019. Now that he is well into his orthodontic treatment, we wanted to check in with…
Wisdom teeth FAQs, cartoon wisdom tooth

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

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There are a lot of stories around about wisdom teeth and naturally not everything you hear is correct! So let’s try to set the record straight: here are our wisdom…

The McIntosh And Fraser Dental Group Orthodontic Scholarship Winners 2020

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for this year’s Orthodontic Scholarship. We received a record number of entries and it really was a tough job to select the…
Adult braces, mother wearing ceramic braces and smiling

Adult Braces

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Are you one of the many adults who would love to have straight teeth but worry that you are too old for braces? Actually you are never too old for…
2019 Orthodontic Scholarship winner Rico Bendall

2019 Orthodontic Scholarship Winner Rico Bendall

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We check in with 2019 Orthodontic Scholarship winner Rico Bendall to find out how his journey with braces has been so far. Rico Bendall was a Year 8 student at…

6 Ways To Overcome Fear Of The Dentist

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Many people of all ages have a fear of the dentist. It may be due to a bad experience in the past, triggers such as the noise of drills, sensitivity,…
Sleep dentistry, patient in dental chair under dental sedation

Sleep Dentistry: Taking The Fear Out Of Dental Visits

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Sleep dentistry, or dental sedation, can be a great solution for people who have a fear of visiting the dentist. What Is Sleep Dentistry? Sleep dentistry is using sedation to…
Dental implants

Are Dental Implants Painful?

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Dental implants are a successful way to replace single or multiple teeth, and are an ideal alternative to wearing dentures. But while they look great and are an effective long-term…
Cost of avoiding the dentist, hand hold a tooth, hand holding coins

The Cost Of Avoiding The Dentist

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A large number of New Zealanders are avoiding the dentist. It’s estimated that around 40% of Kiwis only see a dentist when something hurts or there is an obvious problem…
cost of dental implants graph

Is The Cost Of Dental Implants Worth It?

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It is estimated that between 20-25% of us will need to replace missing teeth at some stage in our lives. This could be due to age and general wear-and-tear, or…
Orthodontic Scholarship winner

2018 Orthodontic Scholarship Winner Justine Fabiana

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We recently had the pleasure of removing the braces on Justine Fabiana, one of our 2018 Orthodontic Scholarship winners. She shared with us how her experience with braces has been…
Smilesaver dental savings plan, mother and daughter smiling and hugging

Is A Dental Savings Plan A Good Idea?

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2020 has been an incredibly stressful year already, and unexpected dental bills are the last thing anyone needs right now! While delaying check-ups and treatment can cost you much more…
Dental implants, new teeth on 4, dental implant dentist pointing at diagram

Dental Implants: The Alternative To Dentures

| Dental Implants | One Comment
Did you know that dental implants are an innovative alternative to dentures? Even if you take great care of your teeth and gums, it’s still possible that you may need…
OrthoPlan Orthodontic Payment plan, girl smiling with braces

OrthoPlan: The Affordable Orthodontic Payment Plan

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Families and individuals throughout New Zealand have been hit by the financial impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, and financial uncertainty is likely to affect us for a long time to…
Delaying dental illustrations of how tooth neglect costs more

Delaying The Dentist Could Cost More In The Long Run

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There are few New Zealand families who have not been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Reduced hours, reduced wage rates and job losses have unfortunately become commonplace over the…
oral health and immune system, cartoon in cape fighting off germs

Good Oral Health Can Boost Your Immune System

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In the last few months the topic of personal health and our immune systems have been in the spotlight like never before. Most of us were very quick to adopt…

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

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McIntosh Dental is currently open for emergency dental care. This is an essential service we are providing to patients during the Alert 4 lock down phase. So what constitutes emergency…
Teeth showing before and after teeth whitening process

The Beginner’s Guide To Teeth Whitening

| Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening | 2 Comments
Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular in recent years. New technology and products have made it easier, quicker and more affordable than ever before. You no longer need to put…
Free teen dental, group of teenage girls in school uniforms

Free Teen Dental Appointments: What Should They Include?

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McIntosh Dental is proud to be a provider of free general dental care for eligible teenagers from Year 9 through to their 18th birthday. When you’re choosing which dental clinic…

The Downside To Using A Daily Mouthwash

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The mouthwash industry is a large and growing market both here in New Zealand and worldwide. In supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores, discount retailers - not to mention dental clinics -…
Dental floss, person flossing their teeth

Do You Really Need To Floss?

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In recent years, a report in the US caused a stir by concluding that flossing your teeth didn’t actually provide proven health benefits. Based on a review of 25 studies,…

The McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship Winners 2019

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We are excited to announce the winners of the McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarships for 2019! Once again we received a very large number of entries, and it was extremely hard…

Tricks For Preventing Wine Stains On Teeth

| Teeth Whitening | One Comment
We can all be guilty of indulging in some festive cheer at this crazy time of year. Unfortunately our teeth can come off second best from our summertime wine sipping,…

Detecting Oral Cancer

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Regular dental check-ups are not just essential for preventing and treating dental issues – they also play a vital role in the detection of oral cancer. Approximately 250 New Zealanders…
Dental emergencies, chipped tooth

What To Do In Dental Emergencies

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We all know that life is full of surprises, and unfortunately accidents do happen. You may take great care of your teeth, but dental emergencies can affect anyone at any…

Mary McIntosh – Still Working At 92 Years Old

| The McIntosh Team | 4 Comments
This month Mary McIntosh will be celebrating her 92nd birthday, and incredibly she is still working at McIntosh Dental every week! This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the dental…
Coffee beans and cup, coffee stains on teeth

Do You Love Coffee? Your Teeth May Disagree

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In New Zealand, coffee is engrained into our culture. In 2017, we ranked 13th highest consumers of coffee in the world, beating the Aussies and the USA. We have more…

Why Electric Toothbrushes are Awesome!

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Great oral hygiene is not just essential for good oral health, it also has the ability to improve your overall well-being. Because it has been proven that electric toothbrushes help…

McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship 2018

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Congratulations!   Thank you for your patience everyone, but we are now able, and are excited to, announce the winners of the 2018 McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship. It has been…
Braces for teenagers

How much do braces cost?

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One of the most common questions we get is How much do braces cost? We recently started braces treatment for a young patient whose mother had asked the same question…

What do sippy cups do to childrens teeth?

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Sippy Cups As parents, we all want what is best for our kids. However, with so many different feeding products available, it’s easy for us to unknowingly make bad choices.…

Some Words From Bridget – 2013 Orthodontic Scholarship Winner

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Dear McIntosh Dental, When I first applied for this scholarship back in 2013 I was so unsure as to if I was going to be chosen or not, but that…

2013 Orthodontic Scholarship Winner – Update

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Two years ago, 2013 marked our second year of running the McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship. We had received such a large amount of interest in 2012 that we decided to…
Scholarship letter from Stephanie

Stephanie – Invisalign Orthodontic Scholarship Winner 2012

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A letter from our Scholarship winnerDear McIntosh Dental Thank you for picking me to be the recipient of the Invisalign Scholarship. I am so grateful to have been given this…
Orthodontic Invisalign scholarship treatment complete

2012 Orthodontic Scholarship Winner – update

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...and she's finished! Congratulations to Stephanie, the very first winner of our orthodontic scholarship who has recently completed her Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Stephanie began her journey in 2012 when she…