GEM Visa is a great way to spread your dental payments over time.

If you wish to pay your treatment off over a longer period of time we can offer you GEM Visa. GEM Visa is ideal for larger treatment plans where you need to spread the payments over a period of time. Spreading payments makes your dental care more affordable and allows you to preserve your lifestyle while still enjoying your beautiful new smile.

With GEM Visa, you can choose from these options:

12 months interest free

  • Spread the cost of treatment over 12 months with no interest charged

Dental Finance

  • Terms from 18 months to 4 years
  • Competitive interest rates

Applying is simple and approval is usually received within one hour.

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For our new patients:

While we will assist you with obtaining GEM Visa, payment for your initial consultation will be due on the day.

Additional Benefits:

When you choose GEM Visa, you will be issued with a Visa card which you can swipe through our EFTPOS terminal. If the purchase is over $250, this immediately gives you 6 months interest free for any other treatment, such as annual check-ups and hygienist appointments. Some patients use their GEM Visa card as an alternative to using their normal credit cards.