Sleep Dentistry

It’s really common to feel anxious and even scared about visiting the dentist. Many people with dental anxiety put off making dental appointments because their fear is so strong. Unfortunately, this can result in small problems which are preventable or easily-treated turning into major issues requiring substantial dental work and expense.

Here at McIntosh Dental we understand and sympathise with nervous patients, and do everything we can to help you feel calm and comfortable while you are with us. If you require a number of dental treatments then an extended appointment using sleep dentistry may be a great option for you. Sleep dentistry involves using sedation to allow you to sleep through your dental procedures, and is ideal for patients who are scared to visit the dentist. It is one of the most comfortable and fear-free ways to have dental work done.

We offer three sedation options:

  1. Oral Sedation
  2. Nitrous Oxide
  3. IV Sedation

The Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry

In addition to greatly reducing dental anxiety, there are a number of benefits of sleep dentistry:

  • It is a great time saving as all of your required dental treatment – from fillings to root canals to crowns and even multiple extractions – can all be completed in one appointment.
  • It reduces sore jaws from having to hold your mouth open for extended periods.
  • It minimises the gag reflex so it is easier for dentists to perform their work.
  • You are completely relaxed which allows the dentist to work in an optimal environment – often speeding up the procedures and resulting in monetary savings for you.

Is Sleep Dentistry Right For You?

Although sleep dentistry may not be right for everyone, it can be ideal for people who:

  • Experience anxiety or fear about going to the dentist, particularly to the point where they delay going
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Have had difficulty getting numb with standard numbing options
  • Require complex or numerous dental procedures
  • Have limited time to have dental procedures completed and therefore one single extended appointment is preferable
  • Have had traumatic dental experiences in the past

Is Sleep Dentistry Safe?

Not only is sedation painless and stress-free, it is also very safe. We use state of the art techniques and continual monitoring to ensure your safety throughout the procedures.

Post-Sedation Care

When your procedures have been completed, we bring your support person into the room so that you have a familiar face to wake up to. It is normal to feel a bit groggy to start with.

We will go through your post-care instructions carefully with you, and also give you a copy of these to take with you.

You can expect to be up and about on your feet soon after your treatment. However, you will not be able to drive for the rest of the day and therefore will need to be taken home by your support person.

The day after your treatment we will be in touch with you to check how you are feeling.

Contact us today to find out if sleep dentistry is an option for you. 

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