After a lifetime of looking after your natural teeth, sometimes dentures, or false teeth, are the only option you have left. But instead of being the last resort, here at McIntosh Dental we take pride in making your dentures the very best new teeth that they can be. Our dentures are not dull, lifeless, uncomfortable or ill-fitting – they are a new set of teeth that reflect who you are and your approach to life. We believe they must be realistic, lifelike, affordable, and just as comfortable and functional as your natural teeth.

With unparalleled quality standards and over 20 years’ experience in crafting new teeth, each and every set of dentures we create are tailored to your specific needs. Dentures sit in place based on suction to the gums, so it is essential that they have a comfortable, secure fit. This is where our years of experience, training and access to the latest technology all come into play. You will be excited to present your new smile to the world and delighted with how natural and comfortable they feel.

Types of Dentures

Dentures are designed to be removed overnight. We will help you to establish a good cleaning regime to keep them hygienic and ensure they last for as long as possible.

Our denture-wearers still require regular dental check-ups, where we check on the condition and fit of your dentures as well as continue to help you to maintain good oral health.

Your Denture Experts

At McIntosh Dental we have an in-house Clinical Denture Technician, Waverley Nation, who works with our patients on all of their denture needs. Waverley has helped 1,000s of denture patients to reclaim their confidence with denture options to fit their lifestyles. She manages the entire denture process and ensures that each set of dentures is tailored to each individual. She also applies her technical skills in the laboratory to create dentures that meet our rigorous quality standards. Waverley is one of the leading Auckland dentures experts.

Cost Of Dentures

While a quality set of dentures that look and feel great are an investment in your quality of life, we understand that the cost of a full set of dentures is something that needs to be considered. With many options of false teeth now available, our denture expert will work with you on a solution that best fits your needs, and your budget. McIntosh Dental offer a wide range of dental payment plans and options to help you to manage the cost of dentures so you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle.

Contact us today to discuss your denture options.