Share a Smile Cards

Our way of saying THANKS for recommending McIntosh Dental Centre.

Simply give one of our ‘Share a Smile’ cards to someone you care about and we will reward you.

Here’s how it works:

Give a ‘Share a Smile’ card to a friend or family member you think will benefit from seeing us. When they come in for their first appointment with us, we will give them AND YOU a $50 credit each towards dental care. So, not only do they get the $50 credit, but you get a credit as well! It’s our way of saying THANKS for entrusting us with your dental care. Some patients are using our Share a Smile programme to reduce their fees for annual dental checkups. They simply refer 3-4 patients per year and the resulting $50 credits enable them to have their annual checkups for free.

The rewards are not just for our adult patients; if you are a teenager receiving free dental care through our government contract, you can get free movie tickets by referring your friends or family for their dental care.

We will give you a referral card the next time we see you, but if you would like one sent out to you straight away, just email or give the front desk a call on 09-837-2598

See the terms and conditions below for full information.

The referral cards (‘Share a Smile Cards’) are to be given to a new patient who has not been a patient of McIntosh Dental Centre previously.

Once the referral card is given away by the existing patient, the new patient (the recipient of the referral card) must attend McIntosh Dental Centre and present the card on arrival for the special offer to apply.

For adolescents on the free government scheme:

The special offer is for both the referrer (existing patient named on the referral card) and the new patient to receive a complimentary movie ticket. The movie ticket is a single ‘Movie Money – Adult’ issued by Event Cinemas
( If an adolescent refers a new private patient to McIntosh Dental Centre, the adolescent referrer will receive the movie ticket, and the private patient will receive the $50 credit.)

For Private Patients:

The special offer is for both the referrer (existing patient named on the referral card) and the new private patient to receive a complimentary $50 credit to their patient account.
(If a private patient refers a new adolescent for the free government scheme, both patients are entitled to a complimentary movie ticket.)

Each existing patient of McIntosh Dental Centre is entitled to as many referral cards as they would like to give out to prospective new patients.

The $50 credit and the movie tickets are only for the patient named on the referral card and cannot be transferred to another patient at McIntosh Dental Centre.

The $50 credit is redeemable for dental consultations or treatment only. It is not exchangeable for cash or products.

The cards can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.