Smilesaver is a new initiative from McIntosh Dental that will help you afford the dental care you need.


We have found that the patients that routinely see the dentist and hygienist for regular check-ups are the ones who require the least amount of dental treatment. For regulars, only two dental visits per year are needed. The first visit is to see the dentist + hygienist together for the annual check-up and clean, and the second visit six months later to just see the hygienist. This six-monthly routine keeps teeth in the best oral health, helps avoid dental pain, and unexpected dental bills.

We want to help more people avoid unexpected dental bills, and that’s why we created Smilesaver.

At its heart, Smilesaver is a savings plan. From just $6 per week, you can have all the routine dental care you need, for as long as you need it. Once enrolled in Smilesaver, you can take advantage of all the benefits that membership has to offer including all the services listed in the booklet below.

Apply for Smilesaver today, and together we’ll keep you in pristine oral health.

Smile saver from $6 per week

Smilesaver is a savings plan where McIntosh Dental Centre holds client funds in its bank accounts on their behalf to be redeemed for goods and services at McIntosh Dental Centre.

All payments to McIntosh Dental Centre by the client will be allocated to the client’s personal patient file.

The funds in the patient file are to be used for the client’s dental treatment at McIntosh Dental Centre.

Once sufficient funds have been accumulated in the client’s patient file, the client can be booked in to have dental treatments performed.

All funds contributed by the client to their Smilesaver remain the property of the client and any credit balance in the client’s patient file can be refunded at any time.

Automatic payments and credit card debit arrangements remain in force only at the client’s discretion and can be altered or cancelled at any time by the client.

Smilesaver is a savings scheme, and not an insurance product. Goods and services can only be provided to the client once sufficient funds for those goods or services have accumulated in the client’s patient file.

Each new client to Smilesaver gets a $50 credit to their patient file, which can be used for any goods and services once it has been matched with at least $50 of contributed funds by the client.

Clients are only entitled to one $50 credit on joining Smilesaver. If the client leaves Smilesaver and then re-joins at a later date, the $50 signup credit is not paid.

New clients to Smilesaver can be booked in for their first Smilesaver appointment approximately six months after they have started making payments.

The oral care product gifts are given to Smilesaver clients at their annual dental check-up appointment which should be on the anniversary of their signup date.

Each annual check-up is due 12 months following the previous one. The Smilesaver payments are calculated so that there are sufficient funds available in the client’s patients file at the annual check-up to pay for the appointment.

If a client falls behind on payments for any reason, McIntosh Dental Centre will advise on the amount that needs to be paid to ‘catch up’ so that the annual check-up can be scheduled on time each year.

By joining Smilesaver, the client gives McIntosh Dental Centre permission to contact them via email for communication.