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Some words from Bridget – a winner from the 2013 Orthodontic Scholarship

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Dear McIntosh Dental,

When I first applied for this scholarship back in 2013 I was so unsure as to if I was going to be chosen or not, but that day that we got the call was honestly one of the best days of my life and I found myself hopeful for the future and a new smile. Now here I am again in 2015, older, somewhat wiser and blessed with a new smile which has by far boosted my confidence, all thanks to Elisha and Dr Raniga.

I would like to thank you for picking me for this amazing opportunity as it has taught me so much and given me a new lease on life. Thank you to Elisha and Dr Raniga for supporting me and most importantly doing this whole process with me, all those appointments, encouraging words and regular check up’s have come to the impressive result which I now have.

My braces treatment at first was a little challenging as I needed to get into the routine of the cleaning and eating process but after 4 days I was set and more than excited for the end result. With the braces treatment I would go for monthly check ups at which I would have my teeth examined and wires changed, which was always an exciting moment, especially when I moved up a wire as this meant I was one step closer to perfectly straight teeth.

This scholarship has changed my life and my family’s life for the better, both financially and emotionally. Now when I look in the mirror or am asked to smile for the camera I will forever be thanking you for my perfect teeth and no doubt be the first one to show a cheesy grin.

Thank you again to everyone at McIntosh and especially Elisha and Dr Raniga, I am forever grateful for this opportunity and I will never stop smiling.

Your Sincerely


You are so welcome Bridget!

The real magic for us is seeing the transformation in our patients smiles and their huge boost in self confidence.
Check out a video of the moment Bridget had her braces removed and her reaction!

#ThrowbackThursday Click the video to see Bridget's reaction when she sees her new teeth without braces for the first time!#mcintoshdentalorthodonticscholarship #takingnominationstilltheendoftheholidays #masseyhighschool #stdominics #listoncollege #acgsunderland #waitakerecollege

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