Teeth whitening is the simplest way to dramatically improve your smile. Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you, and it says a lot about you. But with so many alternatives available for a whiter smile, where do you begin looking for the option that’s right for you?

Our proven method is a long lasting, high-strength whitening system. The products we use are not available through retail outlets. As they are high-strength, they require the supervision of a dental professional. There are two options for whitening your teeth:

Option 1: In-office Power Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is a revolution in teeth whitening. It is fast, effective and safe. We can whiten your teeth dramatically in just over an hour. You will walk out of our practice smiling with whiter brighter teeth!

Some people are satisfied with the results they get from brushing twice daily, although, all brushing does is remove surface staining from our teeth. International studies show that people are now retaining their teeth for life, and as people age, their teeth age too. Years of coffee, cola, red wine, smoking and some foods all contribute to the dulling of your teeth. Whitening your teeth is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your appearance and confidence in your everyday life.

What can I expect?

The whitening procedure is simple. You will be consulted by our Hygienist who will talk you through the procedure and discuss any concerns you may have. At your whitening appointment, you can relax in the privacy of our treatment rooms.

How does Whitening work?

The whitening treatment procedure involves a gel being applied to your teeth, and then a xenon-halogen light activates the gel to brighten your smile. This effective technique takes just over an hour to whiten your teeth to their optimum colour. The active ingredient is carbamide peroxide, which is effective in removing tooth discolouration. You may experience some sensitivity with all teeth whitening procedures and for this we offer a special Desensitising Gel for your use.

Option 2: Teeth Whitening at home

Whitening your teeth at home can be just as effective as, or more effective than power whitening. It just takes a little longer. We custom fabricate some thin, translucent mouth guards into which you apply the whitening gel. You wear the mouth guards in the privacy of your home for a couple of hours each night until the ideal amount of whitening is achieved.

You will notice an improvement within one week and you can choose just how white you want your teeth to be. It is gentler than power whitening and you are in full control. It also costs a little less than power whitening.