is sleep dentistry safe, dental tray, dental instrumentsUsing sedation in dentistry is a great way for nervous patients to stay calm and stress-free while having dental treatments completed. It is also very useful when several procedures are necessary as they can be completed in one longer appointment rather than over several appointments. But is Sleep Dentistry safe?

There are three methods of sedation used in dentistry: nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation tablets and IV sedation. They are used to achieve conscious sedation, where the patient remains awake and conscious but with a reduced sense of awareness and perception. This alleviates anxiety and stress in patients who have a fear of the dentist. Most of the time they have very little memory of the procedure.

Because dental sedation doesn’t involve a loss of consciousness, it doesn’t require any intervention to maintain patient airways. Regular breathing is preserved, as is the ability to cough. Patients remain responsive, and if they do happen to doze off they are easily awakened.

Minimising The Risk Of Sleep Dentistry

There is always a risk in getting anaesthesia. However, when it is administered by an experienced dentist it is very safe. At McIntosh Dental we conduct an in-depth assessment of all of our Sleep Dentistry patients. This includes taking a comprehensive medical and social history to ensure sedation is a safe option. We also go over in detail the potential risks of dental sedation, so the patient is fully informed and no questions are left unanswered.

Throughout sedation, patients must be closely monitored by staff who are experienced in dental sedation and trained to identify any early warning signs. Although complications are extremely rare, in the unlikely event of a reaction occurring it is essential to have an experienced team ready to act.

With any method of dental sedation you are not permitted to drive yourself home from your appointment, as you may feel a little groggy.

Dental Sedation At McIntosh Dental

At Mcintosh Dental we have over 40 years of experience in providing sleep sedation dentistry. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in providing this type of care. We have the very latest technology in monitoring equipment – which all adds up to making the sleep sedation experience extremely safe and comfortable. We also offer the latest, most advanced sedation techniques available which takes all of the anxiety out of your dental treatment experience. Most of our patients are so relaxed they fall into a natural sleep during their treatment.

The latest drugs we use have a half-life of 30 seconds, which makes sleep sedation dentistry very safe. Our auxiliary staff are highly qualified and experienced in sedation monitoring, and there is a team of three looking after you at all times. These measures all combine to create a very safe, pleasant experience with sleep sedation compared to the normal dental experience.

Sleep sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who:

• Are especially anxious when having dental care
• Are phobic after previous bad dental experiences
• Have a severe gag reflex with dental treatment
• And it is especially good at enabling a lot of dental treatment to be provided over one long session which has the advantage of minimal time away from work and/or family.

Contact us to find out if sleep dentistry is an option for you.