One of the most common questions we get is: “How much do braces cost?” We recently started braces treatment for a young patient whose mother had asked the same question prior to booking in for their consultation. We’ve reprinted it here with her permission:

“My son is 9 years old. I noticed that his lower teeth stick out a bit further than the top ones, and are very crowded. It seems obvious that I’m going to need to take him in for an orthodontic consultation, but I’m wondering in general how much do braces cost?”

— Sharon


Hi Sharon,

First of all, you’re right. A significant bite misalignment like your son’s could lead to some longer-term issues later down the road (worn teeth, TMJ disorders, speech problems, etc.). Now is the best time to address it. One of the most common questions parents like you want to know is, how much do braces really cost?

Generally, most orthodontic treatments cost between $4,500 – $5,500 on average for a year of treatment. The fees vary because they are affected by things like:

  • The type of braces being used (traditional wire brackets versus clear brackets versus Invisalign etc.)
  • How long the treatment takes to complete
  • If the patient maintains good oral hygiene at home, and attends their required regular visits
  • If additional orthodontic appliances or growth modification is necessary

Although we are asked the question about cost a lot, it really is difficult to give a more specific answer without conducting an orthodontic assessment to determine what treatment is recommended for your child, and how long we anticipate the process taking.

How to Spend Less on Braces

One of the most effective ways to save on braces for your son is to schedule an orthodontic consultation right away. Most experts recommend doing so from as early as 7 years old. These early assessments help us to take advantage of functional appliances or interceptive aids that can reduce the extent of orthodontic treatment later (as well as unnecessary teeth extractions.) It’s not too late for your son to receive interceptive care as long as you see an orthodontic provider soon.

Affordable Payment Options

To help your child’s treatment fit into your monthly budget, McIntosh Dental offers the affordable OrthoPlan financing option. You can select weekly or monthly payments at 0% interest spread throughout the course of your child’s orthodontic care, and it covers all of the treatment costs.

Plus, we can also provide ongoing preventive services and general treatments right here in our Henderson practice, making it more convenient for your family’s dental needs. Call us today to schedule an orthodontic consultation and to receive your personalised treatment plan.