We recently had the pleasure of removing the braces on Justine Fabiana, one of our 2018 Orthodontic Scholarship winners. She shared with us how her experience with braces has been over the past couple of years.

“When I applied for the scholarship, I didn’t actually think I would be chosen. It really was a surprise when McIntosh Dental contacted us and told me I was one of the winner recipients.

The day I got my braces on, it felt really weird. I wasn’t used to having something on my teeth that continuously rubbed against my mouth. Eventually, I got used to them and soon forgot they were even on my teeth. During my monthly check ups, the staff were friendly and always made me feel comfortable. Time flew by extremely fast with braces! I felt myself slowly becoming more confident too. I definitely smiled with my teeth much more. When the time came to remove my braces, I was so excited. I could finally eat the foods I had struggled to eat with braces normally. Without the braces, my teeth felt so weird and slimy at first – they even looked bigger too. It didn’t take that long to forget how my teeth looked and felt with braces.

I’m extremely happy with the results and can’t even imagine what my teeth would look like now if I never applied for the scholarship. I would like to thank Dr Raniga and the rest of the McIntosh Dental staff. They are all amazing and made my braces journey so worthwhile.”

Justine’s smile has been transformed and we are thrilled with her results.