We check in with 2019 Orthodontic Scholarship winner Rico Bendall to find out how his journey with braces has been so far.

Rico Bendall was a Year 8 student at Henderson Intermediate when he was awarded a McIntosh Dental Orthodontic Scholarship in 2019. He is now almost at the half-way point in his orthodontic treatment.

Rico tells us that his orthodontic journey has all gone well so far. He says his teeth hurt for about a week or so when he first got his braces on, but it was nothing too bad. After the first couple of weeks they felt fine and he got used to the feel of them pretty quickly.

Rico has had a few breakages due to sport and other things, but otherwise his treatment is progressing really well.

Rico can see that his teeth have changed a lot already. He has definitely noticed this himself and his parents can also see a big difference. “The time is really flying past,” says Rico, “and before I know it the braces will be coming off.”

We would like to congratulate Rico on being an Orthodontic Scholarship winner and are excited to continue to watch his braces journey progress.