replace silver fillingsHave you ever looked at yourself in the mirror or photos and seen a flash of silver in your teeth? In the 20th century silver ‘amalgam’ was the popular material to use for dental fillings because it was strong and durable. However, there are some shortcomings with amalgam fillings – mainly their unsightly appearance, plus the fact that over time they can place uneven pressure on your teeth and cause them to crack. Some people have also felt concerned about the mercury content of their silver fillings.

The good news is that it is very easy to replace silver fillings to restore the appearance of white teeth. Although silver amalgam fillings are still used at some other dental practices, at McIntosh Dental we use composite resin for most new fillings and to replace silver ones. Composite resin is strong and a far-superior material aesthetically compared to metal fillings. The nano-composite materials allow for incredible bonding plus colour blending and matching of the filling material to your natural tooth structure.

The process to remove old silver fillings is as simple as having a normal filling placed. It is a standard dental procedure that we are very experienced in and only takes one appointment to restore the aesthetics of your teeth with a modern alternative.

If you’re interested in replacing your silver fillings, please contact us to book an appointment, or discuss it at your next dental check-up. The procedure is very cost-effective, and the results on your smile are dramatic!