What to expect at your Botox appointment, Botox before and afterBotox and dermal fillers are extremely popular treatments for restoring a fresher, more youthful, relaxed version of yourself. Botox temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles and helps prevent new wrinkles from forming, while dermal fillers restore volume and fullness in the face. Botox is also an effective treatment for bruxism (teeth clenching/grinding). If you are new to these facial rejuvenation procedures, here is what to expect at your Botox appointment.

  • A consultation is required for new patients. This usually takes around 30 minutes and allows us to discuss your needs and desired outcomes, take photos and plan your treatment. If you would like your treatment to be administered at your first appointment, we would book you for one hour to allow for this.
  • Make up will need to be removed.
  • You can have Botox treatment alongside your dental check-up treatment.
  • Bruising or red dots are normal and can last for a few hours or days.
  • Some people experience a minor headache after treatment.
  • It usually takes 3 – 4 days to start taking effect, with full smoothing and rejuvenation appearing after 14 days.
  • The results should never be a “frozen” look where people can obviously tell that you’ve had work done. Instead, your face should look smoother, younger, and more relaxed. You will be able to smile, laugh and frown just like normal – but with fewer wrinkles!
  • The effects of Botox and dermal fillers typically last for up to four months.

Unlike other Botox and dermal filler providers, as Dentists we are highly trained and skilled in facial anatomy and administering facial injections. We understand how teeth, bones and muscle affect the structure of your face, and are experts in providing Botox for facial rejuvenation.

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